In the lands of Aeon, all creatures are immortal. There are few who remain from the early days of this land, but those who do have become very powerful.

In the beginning, humanity believed that this immortality was a gift, using their elongated lives to pursue great feats and achievements for all of humanity. During this time, humanity built the Great Kingdom of Andela and amassed their knowledge for the betterment of their kind. As the oldest among them aged beyond normal life, they began to grow greedy, coveting their immortality above all else, and spurning the dangerous outside

Eventually it became overcrowded, and civil unrest tore The Kingdom of Andela apart. The Timeless King banished the poor, the sick, and young from the city. With only the rich, noble, and wise remaining, the King ordered the city be closed off from the outside world, to protect his beloved Kingdom.

As the nobility of Andela lived their lives out within the safety of the walls of the Kingdom, the Banished were forced to fend for themselves. In the Wildlands of Aeon, the Banished strove to tame the uncivilized lands. A small group of Banished, now known as The Watchers, stayed near the Kingdom, hoping that the King would allow them to return home. though none of those remain, their ancestors who live outside the wall continue to watch, and wait for the day that the kingdom opens its gates.

Though many stayed, many more chose to leave. Those who went west, found the Boren Mountains, and ventured deep in the caverns below, where they found an evil so terrible and dark that none yet live who can describe it. The people of mountains never emerged, but it is said that they yet live, deep in the heart of the Boren. These are known as, The Lost.
Those who went east found the coast of the Endless Sea, where humanity found hope. On this edge of the world, the Banished established a new home, naming their home the City of Yearning, for their hope for the future.

In this land of immortals, humanity is not alone in its curse. As the animals of Aeon embraces their immortality, many Great Beasts emerged as kings of their kind, and have been praised by humanity, as gods.

The Great Bear, Goreclaw, yet survives. Though he rarely emerges from his home, those who have seen him claim that his size rivals the mountains themselves. Those who worship the Great Bear travel to the mountains in order to hunt and leave an offering of a kill for their god.

The Great Wolf, Sharpfang, and his pack, have also begun to venture out further from their home. They roam the Forest of Thelanos, named after a powerful wizard who once lived in the center, before being overwhelmed by the pack, and consumed by Sharpfang, but then something happened that Sharpfang did not expect. Thelanos’ soul wrestled with Sharpfang’s for control of the body, and won. Now, with an army of wolves at his command, he scours Aeon for a way to bring his body back.

Much of Aeon remains unknown to humanity. As Aeon ages, the dangers of the world continue to grow. Humanity on the coast of the Endless Sea has begun to shut itself in, once again, in fear of death.

Immortal Lands of Aeon